Prayer Up Dates, New House Guests, and a Special “God-ci-dence”!

Dear Family and Friends:
Amber Saville and family sent us the sweetest thank you card for assisting their family with accommodations for all the family that came in for Greg Saville’s funeral.  What a blessing it was to host this family during the time of their loss.  It was crowded, but enjoyment here!  Amber and her two sons have lots of family support.  Please continue to pray for them especially this first Christmas without Greg.
Welcomed in Rhonda Eads from Wetumpka, AL.  Her daughter, Crystal Eads is now a patient at Select Speciality Hospital.  Crystal was recently transferred from Houston, TX after undergoing a series of complicated surgeries to remove cancerous tumors in her abdomen according to mom.  Rhonda is only 38 years old and has one adopted nine year old daughter.  She has a long way to go according to mom, but the mere fact that she has survived everything that she has faced is a “God-living” miracle according to Rhonda.  Thanks Dr. Bob for taking the time to visit them at Select Hospital.  Rhonda will more than likely be one of our Christmas guests!
Dennis and I were so proud of our grand-daughter, Cayla Helm of Buchkannon, WV.  She chose to go to a military school this past year.  She felt that if she could “tolerate” this military academy, getting into the U.S. Navy would be her next choice.  Well, let me tell you, she did great!  As we were leaving the graduation, she stopped by the office and signed her official papers for entrance into the Navy!  She has already been accepted!!  Cayla now will join her Uncle Marc, our son as #2 in the Navy!  What a proud moment for us!
Now, for our “God-ci-dence”.  As so many of you know, I am a detail person.  Check, re-check.  I honestly checked last week our flight information for this trip to Pittsburgh, PA and back several times.  Saturday night, I re-checked again the times.  We even got a hotel fairly close to the airport so as not to have to travel from Buchkannon, WV so early in the morning.  Our flight was 6 am.  Had to be there at 4 am.  Meant we were up at 2:30 am.  Ugh!  But, we made it.  As we were checking in with Delta, the ticket agent said, “Your flight does not leave until 11:15 am.”  How could I have made such a mistake?  Even Dennis said to me, “You have never made a mistake like this”.  The agent was very kind and said we were in luck though, and she would go ahead and put us on the 6 am flight.  We arrived in Pensacola at 9:30 am.  This was Sunday morning.
Dennis and I were exhausted.  As we woke up about 1 pm. Dennis flips on the news and he calls me in to tell me about the power outage in Atlanta, GA.  The very same Atlanta, GA airport we had just traveled through.  We would have been stuck on that tarmac for 10 hours along with all of those thousands of people if I made the “mistake” of having us at the airport at the designated time!  Only it wasn’t a mistake.  God is ALWAYS in control.  Never doubt it for a mili-second!!
Blessings to all!
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard the Family House
Always call for Availability
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