Prayer Up Dates here at Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House!

Dear Family and Friends:
We continue to lift up all of our families and their loved ones in our area hospitals.  BUT, this is the first time that all five of our families are in one hospital! Select Speciality hospital is now hosting all of them!  Thanks Dr. Bob Greene for visiting them when you can.  But, we will be glad when you yourself is over this flu bug also.
Betty Blocker is doing a little better.  Her husband, William is staying with Ken Horne.  The Blockers are from Crestview, FL.  Betty’s breathing, sepsis, and kidney function is getting better.  We are so grateful for all of those prayers!
Leroy White is doing better also.  His dialysis is down to every few days or so according to his daughter.  Unfortunately, Adelia, his wife contracted that awful flu bug.  She has had to stay home in Century, FL to recuperate and get better.  She is hoping to be back here at the Vineyard this coming Saturday.  Pray for both of the Whites!
Austin Mulligan, just 19 years old is now opening his eyes on command, and doing some hand and arm movements.  Austin had his car accident December 8, 2017.  He sustained severe head trauma. Mom, Tedie and his two sisters trade off to have someone with him twenty four hours a day. Please continue to pray for Austin’s dad who is currently in Afghanistan.  He is hoping to be able to come back toward the end of this month.
Crystal Eads continues to gain ground slowly also.  Just 38 years old, Crystal has had several cancer surgeries.  I was talking to her justs a couple of days ago.  She has a lot of recovery yet to go through.  Please continue to pray for her, her daughter, Chloe, and her mother, Rhonda who had stayed with us.
Imarie Glidewell is also “turning the corner” according to husband, Tommy who has been staying with us.  Last week she was in ICU at Select.  As of yesterday, she is back on the floor and doing some physical rehabilitation!  Still on dialysis according to Mr. Tommy, but she is eating well, and slowly gaining her strength back.  Chest tubes out!  Woo- Hoo!
We are so grateful to a God that hears our prayers and comforts those who need rest.
Blessings to All!
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House!
Always call for Availability!
Snow Pine

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