Prayer Up Dates on Our House Guests here at Martha’s Vineyard

White Out
Dear Family and Friends:
Please, before you go to bed tonight, keep ALL our families in your prayers. All of these families are at Select Speciality Hospital.
Imarie Glidewell, per her husband, Tommy had a respiratory arrest early this morning.  She in on full life support as you read this.  Tommy has shared with us that she is in multi-organ system failure.  Her doctor shared with us she is very sick and may not overcome these events.  Daughters Dixie and Pam have come in from out of state.  As well as son, Jeff.  They have been very grateful for all of the pastoral staff that have visited Imarie and Tommy today.  Her condition is very grave.
Leroy White is also not doing well.  Per his family, he is to be taken home on hospice care.  Adelia, his sweet wife, and children have been very grateful for all the prayers that continues to support them during the next few days.
Betty Blocker required a chest tube to drain fluid from her lungs per her husband, William.  He is hoping this is going to allow her extra strength and energy.  He shared with me she has been losing weight with all of her energy just trying to breathe.  William is staying with one of our back-up families, Ken H. Thanks again, Ken!
Jennie Golson had a rough night according to daughter, Wendy who is staying with us along with her sister.  Ms. Jennie has been running a fever according to Wendy, and the staff is afraid she is now septic with some unknown infection.  They are from Alabama.
Crystal Eads had a rough day today, also.  She was telling me she has been nauseated ever since her kidney dialysis this morning.  Recovering from multiple cancer surgeries, her kidneys have taken a toll on all the stress on her body.  She asks for continued prayers for her daughter, Chloe, who is just 9 years old.
Finally, Austin Mulligan appears to be doing some better.  He is now being evaluated for Shepherd’s Brain/spinal rehabilitation center in Atlanta!  Shepherd’s is on the top ten list in the USA for brain and spinal injuries.  This family has a whole lot on their plate.  Yet, they are so grateful for each other.  Austin, as you recall sustained a brain injury December 8, 2017 when his car slid on ice and hit a tree coming home from work.
Blessings to all of you.
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola: The Family House
Always call for availability!

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