Facebook page from one of Our House Guests

As my journey in Pensacola ends, I would like to share with you a story. On November 22nd, I met the most amazing people. After three days of living in a hotel and back and forth at a hospital while Breona was in ICU. Karen and I was moved to a location called Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola. I have resided there until today. As I pack up my things and look around I can not tell you how much Dennis and Marty Tackett has changed my life. This truly is a faith based ministry home. These two people took their home and opened it up to people like myself who is from
out of town, and has family in the hospital and they supply you with love, support, a shoulder to cry on, not to mention food, drinks, showers, all the necessities of home. Being able to leave the hospital and come to a place I consider home was the best feeling ever. I can’t tell you how excited I was the day I came back from the hospital and seen Christmas trees up in the living room my heart lit up and tears filled my eyes. Karen and I shared with them Thanksgiving dinner in stead of cardboard turkey from the hospital cafe’ Karen and Mark was able to come stay over Christmas and I was able to bring Breona here to relax on Christmas and other evenings just so she could relax outside of the rehab they allowed me to cook and make her the food she loves. Not once was I asked when are you leaving? How long do you plan to stay it was taken day by day. My faith was so broken when I got to the Vineyard. I was beside myself, I couldn’t understand how God could let something so horrible happen. Once while talking with Judy, (a great friend of Marty’s and just a wonderful person). I was sharing with her how Breona kept saying “why me”, and Judy looked at me and said “why not her” she said bad things happen it’s out of our control when it happens you pick your self up and move on. You can’t change what is done. I shared those words with Breona who has now come to realize this happened, get through the struggle, because blaming someone or something will never change what happened. I have learned so much from Marty. Never not once was I forced into her religion, (I say this because i consider it a ministry home, and some people like to preach their religion) it wasn’t like that. They didn’t care if you where Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Lutheran, Mormon or Methodist (which they are Baptist). Seeing so much faith that this woman has in God, and her heart is so genuine she sees the good in everything and every situation. When I tell you bad things happen to her too, she has had her share at the Vineyard, but she always looks up and praises God. She’s happy and goes about her day. She is a true energize bunny she just keeps going and going….I know I was sent here for a reason, not that I was living a bad life because I wasn’t, but I’ve learned to see the good in people and that there are people in this world that truly do care. Marty’s goal is to have a Martha’s Vineyard of any state. So who knows maybe this will be my calling. So with that being said, thank you Marty and Dennis for being such great friends and a inspiration to me. Praying for my daughter and myself, sending out emails asking for prayers, inviting Breona, Karen and I to come worship with you. Allowing us to be a part of your open house, and your family the list goes on and on. The memories and the friends we met at Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola will stay in my heart forever, love you much 😘  Wendy Mackoff