2012 Ministry Updates

March 2012
Well, it’s been about six months since we sent out an update.  Sorry that it’s been so long.  Many things have happened over the last few months and we wanted to fill you in.  To make it easier to share the details, we’ve broken it down into three categories and they’re listed below.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for this ministry.  Without you all, this ministry would not be possible.

1.  Service Ministry-  We are continually having families stay at Martha’s Vineyard- most weeks there are at least one room in use and sometimes two.  We have been able to help over 70 families and that number continues to grow.  Some families were only here for a day or two and others have been with us for weeks on end.  No matter how long they are here, God gives us the opportunity to comfort them and assist them in any way possible while they are with us.  We have some families that use the house to eat, sleep and shower and they don’t talk a lot about what’s going on and others talk a lot but all of the families are encouraged by the fact that people are praying for them even though they have never met.  Many of you got to meet Ms. Estelle who stayed with us for many weeks.  During the time that she was here, we thought we were encouraging her when really she gave us a boost of encouragement and a lot of laughter.  We have met many people like Ms. Estelle who have made the best out of rough situations and it has been a great reminder of how important this ministry is to this area.

2. Physical Changes-  On the Photo page of this website are some updated pictures of the front of the house.  We had some incredible help building a larger front porch and ramp.  Now we can easily help families who need wheel chair access to the house.  It’s so exciting!  The front porch was extended so families could relax outside as well as inside.  Both the porch and ramp and a more welcoming experience to the front of the house.  A special thanks goes to our friends with Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) for helping us make it easier to serve families.

3. Prayer Requests-  We do have a few prayer requests for the ministry.  Please pray the families that come thru the Vineyard.  They need many different things but mostly they are comforted by the idea that people throughout the United States are praying for them and their family.  Please pray (and praise God) that word continues to get out about the Vineyard.  The hospitals are still sending us families but sometime a family falls thru the cracks and ends up sleeping in the waiting area for a few days before we find them.  We would love to get them before that happens.  And finally, please pray for the finances of Martha’s Vineyard.  In order to make our visiting families comfortable, a lot of money is spent on food, electricity, water, etc.  As the number of families continue to rise, it is getting more expensive to run the ministry.  We know that God has a purpose and a reason for this ministry and we want to be able to continue doing His work.

Thank you again for your continued love, support and prayers.  May God continue to bless you as you live for Him.  Please come visit anytime so you can see the ministry at work.  We would love to fill you in more face to face.

With love, your FL family

On a personal note- and my parent’s have no idea I’m adding this 🙂 — This ministry is so important to them and it’s so encouraging to see families doing ministry together.  They have been so busy balancing work, working on the house and serving families.  I’m so proud of them.  I also know that finances are really tight for them now since Marty was recently phased out of her current position with the rehab part of the hospital and is currently looking for another position.  Although this gives Marty more time to take care of the families staying at the Vineyard, it puts a huge squeeze on the budget.  My parent’s have invested all they have in this ministry because they believe in it that much.  Please pray for them as they are stressing about finances, for Marty to find a new job and that they can find comfort knowing that God is in control.  Thanks.  : )  Emily

May 2012
Please be in prayer for Geofrey, involved in a car accident from Athen’s Georgia. Parents: Kim and Terry. Terry is a firefighter in Athens. The family is Staying here at the Vineyard. Asking for prayer for their son. He is in ICU at Sacred Heart. Thanks much Prayer Warriors!

June 2012
PLEASE: Keep in prayer Donnie H., self inflicted gun shot wound to head. VERY Critical condition at Baptist Hospital, SINU. He and his wife Wendy have three children: DeeDee, 13, Blake 9, and Ashton 5 yrs old. Donnie’s other children include: Tina 23, Paul 20 yrs, Taylor 16, and Joseph 22 years. From the family: Please lift our family, father, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews and Donnie’s grandchildren up in prayer. We need peace, understanding, fellowship, acceptance, and courage to find them.”

Thank you, Love Always in His Name! Dennis

I am still always amazed at how God works! Nadine and Karl Kunsemiller were traveling from Tampa, FL back to Texas, their home, when Karl developed severe respiratory breathing difficulities. I met him and his wife last night. Nadine will be staying with us until Karl is strong enough to travel again. Married almost 55 years! What a lovely couple. They ask for healing prayers and a quick recovery.
Love, Always in His Name! Marty

P.S.- Faye Black is still with us. Her husband, O’Neill is still at Select Hospital recovering from colon surgery. They are from Bray, Alabama.
P.S.S.- You know that we are not about numbers but we wanted to pass along that we are almost at our 100th family member staying with us. God is so good. Thank you all for your continued support. We’ll keep you posted on our families here. May God bless yours.

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  1. Tony

    Keep in touch and let me know how things are going. You’re in my prayers

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