18. February 2012

February was a really busy month.  Here are some pictures of what has happened over the last month.  Please read the ministry blog to get all the details.  God bless!

2 responses to “18. February 2012

  1. Betty Pharr

    Dear Marty, I am Bailey’s mother in Magnolia, AR. She was there today visiting Melissa and met you. We both thank you so much for tracing phone calls and calling her last night about Melissa. Oh, how we thank you for your compassion and service-in-love for the Lord that you are ministering to Melissa and many others. Yes, we need more homes like yours all over the United States. I pray God will bless you, your husband and all the ones who contribute to the loving care of cancer patients who are in great need. May God bless you richly. With gratefulness, Betty Pharr, Magnolia, AR 71753

    • Dear Betty:
      We have come to love Ms. Melissa and want her to be healed! She is such a delight to have and has such a sweet spirit about her. Thanks so much for your prayers for her and our ministry.
      Love, Always in His Name!
      Marty Tackett
      Resident Servant, Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola

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